profile picture Jerry immediately located the problem, explained it, and ordered the part, keeping the computer functional at an operating level until he could install the part. I asked him to look into a secondary, but not vital, problem, and he addressed this in the same way. When the time comes to buy a new computer, I will definitely asked for his advice.
Gilberto M
I arrived at his shop and he diagnosed the problem right away. He told me that he would order the part and fix the problem. He fixed the problem and had my computer ready the next day! Highly suggest. Honest, dependable, and my computer feels like it is brand new.
This guy is great! He took my gaming computer and in two days I got it back in better operating condition than it ever was and at a more than affordable price!! I looked almost everywhere for a reliable computer repair facility. I tried a private computer repair... nightmare. I also tried a computer repair department in a very large electronic store, which I won't name, but the techs were more confused than Ray Charles with a "Wheres Waldo" book and they wanted to charge me a rediculous amount of money. They even made my computer worse. I expected much more from computer geeks.
A Google User
The only person I let work on my computers. Fast And Fair priced.
Candace Henson
Great service. Having problems with win 10 upgrade which I did not want. Tried to go back to win 7 and my computer froze up. Tried everything I knew, finally packed it up and went looking for help. Found SAPC Upgrades. He took my computer in overnight, reinstalled 10 properly, spent quite a bit of time educating me on 10. It is working perfectly and I am also happy with win 10. Thanks.
Norman S.
Jerry is wonderful. We have four computers and always took them to large repair stores and it takes so long for them to repair and the prices are huge. Took a computer to Jerry and he examined it while we were there. It turned out that the hard drive was failing and he had to replace it. He saved as much as he could from the old hard drive and put it on the new one at no extra charge. He cleaned all the dust out. He has a flat rate and charges extra for anything he has to purchase. This computer runs faster than the day it was new. We are very pleased. This is definitely the place to go for computer repair.
Jerry at SAPC Upgrades is fantastic. He helped fix my computer when a virus demolished it. Jerry takes time to personally explain computer issues and goes above and beyond the call of service. He worked extra fast on my computer over the weekend, doing a more thorough job and completing the task faster than any other company I've dealt with. He knows his industry (i.e. see his facebook page) and I look forward to recommending him to friends, family, and small business owners. Thanks!
Jerry did an outstanding job on my laptop. He did everything he offered in his service description plus gave me a lot of helpful advice so I won't run into my problem again. I was able to getting computer back the next day which I really liked. I am completely satisfied and will highly recommend him to anyone.
Amanda P
Jerry is always willing and very helpful with all my little problems. I am not real savy with the computer and he is always helpful.
Nancy W
Jerry Did An Awesome Job! He Explained Everything Very Well,I Took It In Earlier Today And Got It Back Same Day!Great Price,Will Definitely Go Back For Future Computer Issues. (:
Isabel H
Did a great job!!! Gave me a great explanation about all the issues and my computer is running fantastic!!
Brian N
The service at SAPC Upgrades is top notch. When I took my laptop in for repair, Jerry immediately started running diagnosis while I was there. By 6:00 that evening he said I could pick it up the next day. Jerry took the time to explain what he was doing and most importantly, how to avoid future problems, viruses, etc. Great price. I'm happy to recommend.
Beverly G
Jerry was very knowledgeable about all thing computer. He explained a lot of things on how to keep from getting another virus. He also gave me a booklet on how to avoid viruses. He was able to save all my documents and put my computer back good as new. I will definitely use him for any future computer needs as well as recommend him to friends and family.
Amy D
Jerry replaced my hard drive. He also equipped my computer with various software for cleaning and better performance. My knowledge of PC is certainly greater now; the experience and service was highly professional, and the price was very reasonable.
Jeremy J
Very affordable, quick, and explained everything I needed to know
Delton G
Pastor Steve Sanchez Sr. from Lifeline Outreach Street and Prison Ministries has had a very, very good experience with the services from SAPC Computer repair. Mr Stainthorpe is very professional in how he explaians what my computer needed and the price was better then any other computer repair stores i tried. My church prays that his business will prosper this 2014. God Bless you and your business. Pastor Sanchez
Pastor Steve S
Excellent. Highly professional.
Will F
Jerry worked fast and gave excellent service. My laptop was finished faster than I expected, and he gave me some advice for it in the future as well. Overall would 10/10 recommend to anyone.
Nailah B
Found and corrected many other issues that I was not aware of.
Bill S
My laptop screen was cracked and most were going to charge me $180-$220 to replace the screen. I got a fair estimate and overall price at $125. My laptop was ready in just two days! The new screen actually looks better than the original! He was great about letting me know the process and my computer's status. What I should uninstall or delete. Great price and experience. Works fast and is professional.
Valerie G
Jerry took the time and the trouble - while we were in ins place of business to closely examine the two computers with problems, and come to a fairly rapid decision as to what precisely was the problem - and to charge a fair amount to sort out not just the main problem, but offer suggestions for solving or short-stopping other and relatively minor problems as well.
Julia H
Excellent service. Very informative. Will go back for any other issues with my laptop or other computers.
Nicolas Z.